The Process to Become a Private Pilot

A license to become a private pilot has been famous to many people who seek to use flight as a hobby or even sport. Some might even use a private pilot license for family reasons, mainly if they want to take their family to a faraway vacation house or travel spots. Some people use their aircraft as a means of travel, and if they want to use it legally, they should have a private pilot license.

If you’re someone wanting to do anything that is mentioned above, then this article is certainly for you. Without further ado, here’s the process on how to achieve a private pilot license.

Eligibility and Test

Before even applying, you must first check if you are eligible for the whole program to acquire the license. You may visit these Eligibility Requirements from the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration.

After the eligibility, a practical exam must be taken to assess the capabilities of a soon to be a private pilot. It is important to never skip the eligibility check as it would help you save time and effort before passing all the requirements.

Obtaining a Certificate

The next step is an important one, and it is about obtaining a student pilot certificate. There are different ways of acquiring this certificate, but one of the most common and efficient ways is to get it after finishing the aviation medical examination. Besides, a medical certificate would also be useful to you as it is a requirement for any student pilots who wish to fly solo.

Get an Instructor

If you don’t like attending flight school, then getting a private instructor to teach you the next steps in flying would be the best approach, however it is a lot more expensive than going to an aviation school.

Written Exam

Before meeting your final private pilot certificate, a written exam is needed to be accomplished. This can be either given by the instructor you hired or on a school that you are attending. A written exam is important as it acts as a final assessment.

Before taking the last and final step, you must first have enough experience in flying. At least 10 hours of solo flight. However, it is much recommended that you take even more hours if you want to be more knowledgeable.

FAA Practical Exam

A total of 40 hours of flight is needed for a private pilot is needed to take the FAA practical exam. 10 hours of solo flight, 20 hours from an instructor, and more hours’ specific solo flights. The FAA practical exam consists of verbal and flight examination so make sure that you are prepared for this before applying.

Finally, if you are successful in the final practical exam, you can get your license as soon as possible, and you are now a licensed private pilot.

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